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NOTES FROM A BLONDE: Why This ‘Anything Goes’ Multiculturalism Has to Go

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I first published this book in 2016 and then immediately panicked and pulled the book off the market. I was afraid of the cultural backlash and of losing my ability to earn a living. Corporations have become more self-justified in silencing the opinions of their own staff (and, by extension, the consultants they hire like me), those of us who exercise our democratic responsibilities and our right to free speech are increasingly at risk of losing our livelihoods.

Until Oct 7 happened.

I was done being cowardly. It was time to speak up and speak out so I wrote a prologue to the prologue (apologizing for my cowardice) and said it was time for us to protect Western democracy. After all, if we don’t protect democracy today, how will our children enjoy their tomorrows?

As I point out in the book, multiculturalism without a legal framework is inherently racist, sexist, homophobic and – as we saw from the horror of Oct 7 and the aftermath – profoundly anti-Semitic.

NOTES FROM A BLONDE is available on Amazon as a paperback and in Kindle format.

But because Google Gemini pushed a lie about this book, I decided to also give it away for free. So if you’d like a free copy of NOTES FROM A BLONDE, you are welcome to click on the button, above.

My one ask is that if you like NOTES FROM A BLONDE, if you wouldn’t mind buying the inexpensive Kindle version and giving the book a 5-star and tell me (and the world) what you liked about the book.

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